At Vanten, we strive for a welcoming atmosphere where a fun-filled and permissive learning is the foundation. We see to the competent child, and to the opportunity for everyone to develop a belief in their own abilities.

★ At Vanten the child is our center and our work is permeated by an approach where each child, with their similarities and differences, are equally significant.

★ We have a stimulating and changing indoor setting, that is open to promote creativity and play as well as children's curiosity about learning.

★ Nature satisfies children's curiosity and joy of discovery, and develops a responsibility for everything living.

★ All units work according to a joint project. In each unit we divide the children into smaller groups, where we start from the curriculum and then let the children have an influence on the content of the daily activities.

★ The educators reflect and evaluate the projects together with the children as part of the documentation.