Tummetott has long been our toddler unit with ten children at the age of one. From the autumn of 2021, however, Tumme and Vicke will instead have both one- and two-year-olds, to give the youngest children role models while the older ones get an opportunity to be those role models.


We at Tummetott offer an environment that speaks to the children's imagination, that provides challenges, is aesthetic and that creates meetings. We have changing settings to grow and learn in, which promotes children's play.
Creating through image, motion, music, dance and rhythm should be seen as something natural and included in the daily activities. We give the children the opportunity to try different materials and techniques e.g. clay, finger paint, etc. at the pace they want.
Outdoor activities are an important part of our educational activities. We have an inspiring outdoor environment, where children can develop their motor skills and explore nature.

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Lisa, Sabina & Fredrika