Vanten's preschool opens at 6:30. All children who need care before 7 am are welcome to Tummetott. At 7 we open up Långeman for our oldest children. Vickevire opens generally at 8 am.

Breakfast is served at 8. It is always offered either sour milk or porridge as a complement to sandwiches with varying toppings.

Public preschool are offered to children with guardians that are on parental leave or in search of a job, and includes 15 hours a week. They are welcome at 8:30 and we often offer free activities at that time, so that every child have the opportunity to start the day with something that gives them joy and security.

All our units work with different projects that run throughout the academic year. We have a common theme, but according to the children's age and interests, we then work differently. This year's theme is called "Small steps in a big world".
The project is visible in many different aspekts in the organisation, but the most frekvent work happens between 9-11 am on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, when we have most of the children in our care. During these hours we are also outdoors, both on our own playground and in our fantastic surroundings!

Lunch is served just before 11:30 and is prepared from scratch by our cook Carina. (You will soon be able to read more about her work on a separate tab here on the website.)

After lunch, the children who need a nap gets some sleep. We offer both rest inside on a mattress and outside in a personal stroller. The older children gather in sections for reading aloud, and are then encouraged to play calmer games so that they too can have a moment of respite.

At 13:30, the public preschool children take their leave. Remaining children eat sandwiches at 14 pm, before they get together on the playground once again.
Depending on the weather and season, we are outside until most of the children have gone home. If necessary, we go to Tummetott the last moment before the preschool closes at 17:30 (18:00 if necessary, in that case contact the staff). Children who need care until closing are also offered a fruit before returning home.


As a guardian at Vanten, you are always welcome to be part of the organisation!
Sometimes we want help with the children, if an educator is free or ill, and this is a perfect opportunity to see how your children are doing with us. You will assist us with another pair of hands and a couple of extra eyes which will support the rest of the work team, while you get an insight into everyday life with us.