We have 16 children enrolled at Gullebrand, at the age of four or five.

We work with projects that are based on the children's interests and needs. We educators try to be inspiring fellow researchers.
The children will be given the opportunity to explore their world through various challenges from us educators. Together with the children we create, research and build, and those experiences establish the values on which we want to build our buisness.
We have a changing indoor environment that is continuously adapted to the children's needs and interests.
Since we at Vanten have a fantastic outdoor environment, we are outside as much as possible. We also make use of our local surroundings and the beautiful forest just around the corner.


This year we work under the theme "Small steps in a big world - We build and create a better future". With this project, we want to give the children an opportunity to acquire knowledge and experience of constructing with tools that otherwise easily fall into the hands of adults. We want to highlight the competent child and give each individual a feeling that they are capable, as long as they are given the opportunity to try - and try again! A project where we not only "create" different constructions but also build self-esteem!

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Lena, Sarah & Therese